About ARG’s Clients

We are presently serving as consulting actuaries to various self-insured healthcare providers, including individual hospitals, multi-hospital systems, physician groups, and long-term-care facilities.

These providers vary geographically from California to Pennsylvania to Florida to Texas. Several of these clients have formed captive insurance companies, typically offshore, for which we have prepared feasibility studies and pro forma financial projections.

In terms of clients other than healthcare providers, we performed a closed-claim study for the Texas Hospital Association and subsequently offered testimony to a Texas Senate committee as it considered a tort reform bill that ultimately was signed into law in June 2003. We also participated in a risk analysis project related to manned spacecraft missions for NASA.

Healthcare Systems

Many ARG clients are mid- to large-size healthcare systems operating multiple hospitals located across several states. The systems often include satellite clinics, employed physicians, and affiliated physician groups. Some include assisted-living, long-term-care, and hospice facilities.

ARG clients typically have been self-insuring professional liability risk for many years, with ARG providing their actuarial support from the start. Coverages are often provided through trusts or captive insurers, with commercial excess insurance covering higher layers of loss potential.

ARG is experienced with helping healthcare systems grow in both the size of operations and breadth of self-insured coverage. Many clients have engaged in significant mergers and acquisitions, adding new hospitals and other healthcare exposures into existing coverage programs. In addition, as clients see more of the benefits of self-insurance they tend to expand their self-insured coverages to include other lines such as general liability, workers’ compensation, unemployment, and even some property risks.

Physician Groups

ARG provides actuarial services to physician groups that maintain self-insured, professional liability coverage for members. The groups include a broad range of medical specialists practicing in both private and government-affiliated facilities. ARG also has extensive experience working with physician groups that contain a mix of coverages. For example, physicians often carry personal, commercial limits up to between $1M and $5M, with excess coverage provided by the physician group or healthcare system. ARG’s modeling techniques allow for meaningful estimation and allocation of the risks in such situations.